Cards of Kink™

A Game for Your Naughty Mind

How to Play

  1. Deal Cards: Deal 10 White Cards to Everyone.
  2. Choose a Card Dom: The person with the most subs at the table becomes the first Card Dom. Everyone else at the table becomes a Card sub.
  3. Pick Master Card: The Card Dom picks a black card and reads it aloud.
  4. Create Submission Pile: Each Card sub chooses a White Card from their hand and passes them to the Card Dom. We recommend mixing these up so the Card Dom doesn't know which card goes to which sub.
  5. Choose Cards: The Card Dom picks White Cards from the submission pile, and reads them aloud one by one. The Card Dom chooses his favorite card. That Master Card goes to the sub who submitted the favorite White Card. Each Black Card is worth one point
  6. Choose a New Card Dom: The person to the Card Dom's left becomes the new Card Dom.
  7. Repeat: Go to Step 3 for the next hand.

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